Video Production Crews Covering The U.S.

Our Equipment

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1-800-TV CREWS has a multi-million dollar investment in the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.

Our local offices are stocked with the best equipment available from Sony, Canon, RED and Panasonic HD and digital cameras, and we still have a full inventory of SD cameras if you need.

We always have backup equipment at the ready.

We are innovators in the design of remote equipment, making our crews the most efficient on location since every minute counts.

Equipment Package

Our equipment packages are anything but standard. To begin with, we are one of the few production companies to provide you with a choice of High Definition, in either NTSC or PAL.

Our Package:
▪ Your choice of camera
(Any Camera, Any Format)
▪ 4 channel audio mixer
▪ Sennheiser 416 shotgun microphone with VDB boom pole
▪ 4 lavalier microphones
▪ 2 Lectrosonic wireless microphones
▪ 1 EV RE-50 hand held microphone
▪ Portable monitor
▪ Sachtler fluid head/tripod
▪ 6 fixture light kit with 2 soft boxes
▪ Vehicle

We also maintain a variety of specialty equipment such as HMI lighting packages, Steadicam, teleprompter, lipstick cameras, and jibs and dollies.
Optional Services:
▪ Producers and additional crews
▪ Remote Trucks
▪ Steadicam
▪ Grip and Lighting Packages
▪ Teleprompter

Our Atlanta headquarters has a 10,000 square foot facility, which houses a 1700 square foot equipment room with islands designed exclusively for prep and testing.
1-800-TV-CREWS has a 26' x 24' insert stage. In addition to offices, there are two Final Cut Studio editing suites to service clients' video news release and day-of-air needs.

The future is old news here at TV Crews. We lead the industry in technology such as streaming video and HDTV. We do all we can to stay ahead of the curve, because big changes happen continuously. With the convergence of TV and broadband Internet connections, new opportunities present themselves every day. Streaming video and video-on-demand are bringing more creative people into the field, and challenging us to be stronger.